Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Roots, Bloody Roots!

Not only a kick-ass Sepultura song, but also what we have been up to since returning from salin' high way 127.

Decontaminating water after a nuclear holocaust can be quite a process, but here at Robinsby Acres we spare no expense!  No mutants here!

A head of broccoli a day keeps the monsters away!  At least that's what we tell the children... oh the poor frail little children:(

Nothing like a good ole fashioned beheading.  Brings to mind Robes Pierre of the 1789 French Revolution fame.  I think we wrote a song about this dude at University.  It was really stupid, but Sepultura would have made it cool! 

Alas the fruits of our labour.  In true French Revolution fashion, we put the head of broccoli on a pike at the front of our yard.  Let this be a lesson to all broccoli of what happens to them when they become so delicious:)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

127 Road trip Take 2 - Day 3

It started to pour as we were eating breakfast and continued to pour off and on for a couple of hours :( Around 10:30 things started to clear up and we finally made our way out to the sales south of Florence.

Wildlife saved: We rescued a turtle that was about to launch itself into four fast lanes of traffic.

Possible Jerry Garcia sighting: Imagine an old large-sized dude with really long grey hair and beard. He also looked like a hippy. Wish I had a photo.

Fellow Big Lebowski fan: Imagine a tall, skinny 30-ish dude with REALLY long straight hair, wearing a "The dude abides" t-shirt. Again, wish I had a photo.

New learning: Americans get thirsty! So much so they need a 3 L bottle of pop!

Seen: Big ass jar of marbles!

Alternative spellings:  Saw a sign for "sewer" machines as well as these below

Distance travelled: probably only 10 miles. At the most. Really.

Fun finds: Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Pacman patch, red Nintendo game, Snork, mermaid smurfette and of course more video games!  Also... an original 1966 Hot Wheels in the bargain bin for only 50 cents!

Friday, 2 August 2013

127 Sale - Take 2 - Day 2

Now that car space is at a premium we are much more picky about what we buy. Kinda.

Funniest item: hand carved dog pooping with sign that said "no dumping"

Signs of note: "Man Sale", "Guns and Ammo", people who aren't ashamed of what they are selling and people who did not use the speak and spell as a child (see below)

Interesting person: Met Mr. Hoff, a 62 year old self proclaimed local history buff who proceeded to let us know (among MANY other things) that St. Mary's Lake is man-made and those who dug it did do for 25 cents per day plus a drink of alcohol and they used to drill for oil in the lake. Mr. Hoff carries around copies of his family tree in his truck and can trace his roots in the US back to 1644. (youtube video to follow soon)

Overheard: "I don't even own a 9 mm but I buy ammo whenever I see it 'cause I have the right to protect my property and when they take that away from me..."

New vocabulary: "zukes" = zucchinis and "maters" = tomatoes. Also, WTF is apparently now widely accepted among everyone as part of the English language

Did not buy: vintage Playboy puzzle

Bought: more video games, Mr Men figures, Scooby Doo books, Super Mario figures and more

Money spent: a lot less than yesterday

Thursday, 1 August 2013

127 Road Trip - Take 2 - Day 1

We had so much fun on the 127 yard sale last year that we just had to do it again. We started off early by shopping at Savers outside of Toledo (this is the US Value Village).

We almost got into big trouble when I dropped our credit card down the skinny space beside the parking break. Luckily that day was saved by my ingenuous idea of using the sticky part of a ladies pad to retrieve it!

Here's a quick summary of our first day of salin':

Highlight of the day: house just off the 127 on the north side of Sherwood, Ohio which had dozens of bins full of every kind of toy you can imagine! Fisher Price, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Bright, video games, Teddy Ruxpin... it was like an out door 1980's Toys R Us with garage sale prices!  Loved it. Doubt anything will ever top it.

 Some people were willing to trade:

Cool finds: Fisher Price Sesame Street set, Tupperware spice jars, glo friends, Jarts (these are for you Bill!), and LOTS of video games!  We estimate that we accumulated roughly 50 games... and these were later added to by our friends who really managed to wring a deal out of the vendors.

Friend finds that they generously gave to us (Thank you! :) Smurfs! Video games!  Pac Man Tray, Jaws 3D cards, and so much more!

New vocabulary: 

"dip" = chewing tabacco (there is a misconception that this doesn't exist in Canada. It does. But most of us are too smart to chew it).

We say "bag" they say "sac".

Interesting people:
Met a woman who is 43 yrs old AND a grandma! She was very nice and friendly and thought that when she visited Canada in the 1980s we hadn't been born yet. I think we have our sunglasses to thank for hiding our wrinkles from her.

Drive thru booze stores:
For when you're too drunk to get out of your car.

Food missed: Donuts in Celina :(

Glad we didn't buy: used rat traps

Wish we had room for:

Wedding leftovers:
Loved the free sugar cookies from Julie and Freddy Peebles wedding. Big thanks to Julie's mom for letting us park way too long in her driveway.

Deja vu: Saw the Atari console and games set that we passed on last year. It is now on sale for $100, down from $125.  Thankfully I picked up a good condition unit for $40 in Peterborough last year.

Priciest non-road vehicle item: 1950s John Deere toy tractor for $1150.

Miles travelled: Too many

Money spent: Too much

All of our day 1 booty. Probably day 1 - 4 booty because the car is bursting already!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Dinner at the Gatsby's

Due to the massive amounts of email requests, we decided that we should "officially" open up Robinsby Acres to tourists.  We figured we were being selfish keeping all this beautiful land to ourselves... especially since your generous monetary contributions helped to fund it!

There was however ALOT of work to be done.  Somehow we had to turn this piece of nuclear wasteland into a sustainable farm that is capable of feeding the massive influx of needy people who happen to pass by.

Using all my good ole American know-how (which basically involves tightening and loosening screws) I knew this was a lost cause as the growing season was quickly approaching.  So I hired a friend...

... a man with vision... a man that is well versed in "motivating" the workers and military strategy... I give you Germany's own Von Schlieffen!  He came cheap for we found him wandering the streets with a sign that read "will work for beer".  Apparently, since his infamous plan failed in World War 1, he involved himself in several other ideas that nosedived soon after they started (Betamax, XFL, George W. Bush, etc.).  He was also responsible to convincing the Fox network to air the television series Firefly out of order before it was cancelled.. bastards!  Anyways, Von Schlieffen can be seen here earning his beer by supervising his mistress as she tilled out fields.

Success!  Thanks to the nuclear waste that is buried under the garden, the produce arrived the day after we planted it.  The guests (seen dining) seemed to be very pleased at the quality of the harvest.

We laughed, we cried...

Our first international visitors from Trinidad and Mexico.

Our Chief of Security (Branson P. Daug) decided it would be fun to play a game of "find the turd".  I won... or lost depending on how you view it.

We then retired for the evening while Von Schlieffen cleaned up.  All in all a great day:)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Chief of Security Position Filled!

As I'm sure you can imagine, Robinsby Acres is a highly contested property as it spans over rich oil fields that the Canadian Conservative government wants to exploit.  Last night we caught Stephen Harper trying to build an oil pipeline directly from our property to his on Sussex Drive in Ottawa.  I think he was drunk as when I approached him, he kept wanting me to take off my shirt "like Justin used to".  As we do with most of our drunk and disorderly intruders, we called a cab and sent him home.

This is the third time Prime Minister Harper has tried this... this time he was disguised as the McDonalds Hamburgler.

So we have hired a new chief of security here at Robinsby Acres.  His name is Branson P. Daug, and he comes highly recommended by Michael Vick.

His vocabulary isn't very big; in fact he only knows one word... "woof", but he uses it quite well.

This is Branson as the keynote speaker at last years Dogarama.  His topic was regarding the correlation between beef bones and diarrhea. Apparently this is what all the top dogs are working on in science labs all across the country.

We celebrated his new job placement as chief of security last night over drinks.  As often happens when I drink too much, I ended up pooping on the floor.  Branson wasn't impressed with me.

There was a bit of a skirmish the next morning when we got into a big argument about which morning show we should watch while we drank our tea.  I wanted to watch Canada AM, but Branson insisted on Breakfast Television.  He's got a thing for Dina.

In the end though we figured it had been a rough night, so we agreed to take a mid morning nap.  Branson sleeps with one eye open though in case Stephen Harper makes bail and tries to steal our oil again:)

Telemarketers:  please send all your information to Branson P. Daug.  In addition to security, he also handles all of Robinsby Acres finances.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Value Village

March Madness!

Time: 2 days
Number of Value Villages hit: 15
Number of Salvation Army Stores hit: 3
Other: Talize (1) - coming soon to PTBO!, Buy n Sells (2)
Money spent: too much!


Priciest VV: Thornhill
Cheapest VV: Rexdale
Crappiest Toy Selection: tie between Queen St E and Danforth/Woodbine
No parking in front of the Games store at Keele and Bloor between 4 and 6 pm (if you do the police will make their presence known and strangers will honk and you and wag their finger to admonish you)
There are awesome bakeries all over Toronto EXCEPT where we live!

It's Spring Break, and we did not go to Florida this year like we usually do.  So we decided to do something a bit different... visit every single Value Village thrift store in Toronto and Mississaga... 15 in all.

It took two days, and a full tank of gas, but we did it!  After about the sixth one, they all started looking the same, however the excitement at what we might find kept us pumped up.  Who knows... maybe we would find inexpensive Sega Genesis games?

Richmond Hill location

Lawrence & Markham Rd. location

Vaughn location

What is that in my hands?  Could that be Sega Genesis games for $2.99 - $4.99 each?  I wonder if there are any in there that the Sega Dude doesn't have?  Lets take a closer look shall we?!

Holy crap it is Michael Jackson's Moonwalker!  Before the king of pop died, this game went for around $10 - $20, but now stores are charging $40 for just the cartridge.  I guess it is a good thing that the one I found was complete.  True, there is a small tear on the instruction booklet, but the cartridge and case (with tab intact) are in mint condition.  If the Sega Dude wasn't such a dick, I would just give it to him.  

I've posted it on craigslist.

I'm not sure why we didn't buy this?  Maybe $2.99 was just too PRICEY! It is a knockoff Simon game from the '70s

Unfortunately this is not our new couch.  We didn't buy this only because we didn't have a way to take it home.  It has only one cushion, would make a great couch to sleep on

GOLD!  In these bags are G1 transformers.  I rarely see these anymore as every jerk in town collects them (it's a good thing my collection is almost complete, though the Sega Dude might say otherwise).  In fact I actually found a two pieces i didn't have.  The others are on craigslist.  I throw one in for free if you buy Moonwalker:)

The Value Village at the Thornhill location had the neatest toy shelves I've ever seen in a thrift store!  Usually the shelves are a disaster as people seem to enjoy watching their kids destroy the toys that they have no intention of buying.  Fortunately the things I like are made of metal (Tonka Trucks), or behind glass, so kids don't get their grubby snot fingers all over them.

These two finds are two such examples.  Behind glass, a collectors edition copy of both Elder Scrolls IV, and Dungeon Lords were found.  SCORE!  Both of these were fantastic games, but I think I enjoyed Dungeon Lords more as it had a much better ending.  Elder Scrolls games are good, but they just can't seem to end them well... very anti-climactic.

This last shot was actually not taken at a Value Village, but rather at a store called Talize.  This is a store that is a bit more expensive than a thrift store, but more upscale and classy.  This is where the billionaires thrift shop as the prices are about 50% more.  Anyhow we caved and purchased a working Fisher Price TV and record player.

All in all, a good time.  This is definitely not trip for everyone, and hardly matches that of the sandy Florida beaches, but it beats the 24 hour car ride home:)